Stewart Moir
My aim as an artist is to demonstrate through my work,the multi-dimensional reality of consciousness that we are all somewhat connected to. Whether it be from forming ideas, thoughts and visions that may surface throughout dreams, meditations, creative visualisations and moments from my day to day life. 


Scott Christensen
Scott Christensen began painting with oils on stretched canvas in 1997 at the age of 26. Four years later, Scott resigned from his position leading a horizontal drilling gang to study Visual Art full-time. Scott's wife had just given birth to their first children—twins. As Scott recalls, ‘failure was not an option'.


Natalie Dyer

Natalie Dyer is a highly inspired artist. She paints with a genuine gift and has a unique ability to involve her audience as she depicts our everyday lives in a fresh and vibrant way. Natalie enjoys pushing the boundaries between the traditional and the contemporary – feeling equally comfortable in both.


Jonathon Madzinga

My name is Jonathan Madzinga. I was born in Bulawayo at a hospital called Lady Rodwell, on the 15th January 1985, in Zimbabwe. I began painting at the early age of six when I used to watch my father paint and was inspired by him, from there it all started.


Darryl Trott

The world has lost a wonderful person and it's greatest watercolour artist following Darryl's untimely death on the 9th June 2004 following a heart attack. Despite this tragic loss we are fortunate to have the legacy of his magnificent art with us forever.


Vicki Ford

When starting a portrait I look for subjects that I feel a connection with, and then I use that connection together with imagination, hard work and perseverance to come up with the finished work. It is said that ‘your eyes are the windows to the soul’ and I try to capture this in my paintings.


Donald James Waters

Donald is a man who is passionate about his art. He sees it as an adventure that must be experienced not only by the artist -but also by the viewer.


Robert Hagan

Born in 1947 and raised in the lush, languorous sub-tropical northern New South Wales, Australia and educated at Newcastle University, he communicates in a typical offhanded Aussie manner. Widely travelled with studios in Suffolk, England., San Diego, USA., Southport, Australia and Pattaya, Thailand.


Greg Postle

Now one of Australia's most sought after wildlife painters, Greg's love of wildlife began on a cattle property in Central Queensland where he spent his early years.


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